Homestead Kennels


Is someone on the premises at night?


   Can you give my dog medications? 

  Yes, We can administer medications as long as they are in their original labeled container and you provide proper treats to dispense them with. (Hot dogs, Cheese, Pill Pockets, Etc 
There will be a $3.00 fee per administer if the dosing is required before/after business hours. 

Can I bring in my own bedding?

Yes, you can bring in a blanket or bed as long as it is freshly washed or new.

Do you supply food? 

  No, We do not provide food for our guests.  We do accept personal food; however, we request that it be pre-packaged per meal for each pet OR in sealed container.

Can I pick up and/or drop off on Sundays or after hours? 

  No, We are open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 2 pm CLOSED 2-4 pm and again from 4 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am til 12:00 pm. 
We are closed on Sundays and all major Holidays. We do not accept drop offs or pick ups after hours.

Do I need to make a reservation? 


What vaccinations are required? 

We require proof of current Distemper Parvo, Bordetella , Rabies and Tick treatment (if not applied in office)

Will my dog be in contact with any other dogs?

No, for your pets safety we do not combine the dogs.

Can my dogs stay in the same run? 

Absolutely! As long as there are no issues with eating together, medications or different foods. In the event aggression takes place we will immediately separate your dogs for their safety and you will be charged accordingly.

How many times does my dog get outside? 

Our kennel is indoor and outdoor; our guests are free to venture outside as they please. We also offer additional playtime in our 10,000 square play area for an additional 
$5 per dog per day. 

Do you have daycare?

  We do offer half day the rate is $15 flat from 9 am to 1 pm per dog no matter what time you pick up during those hours.

Do you have a veterinarian on the premises? 

We do not have a vet on premises. In the event of an emergency we will first contact your vet.  We also have a 24-hour emergency vet that we can use if needed.

Can I have someone else pick up my pet? 

You may have someone pick up your pet as long as we are notified in advance and payment arrangements have been made. Card payments by phone are charged $5 key in fee.  

Can I call to check up on my pets?

You are welcome to call anytime.

Can anyone visit / take my dog out during the day while boarding with you? 

 No, for liability reasons your pet must stay at the kennel.   

How often do you feed the dogs?

          We like to keep your pets on the same feeding schedule he or she is on at home. We generally feed twice daily.

  What is the youngest age for boarding?

The minimum age for boarding is 16 weeks, and all vaccinations must be current. 

Are day care guests required to have a flea and tick treatment?

  Yes, REQUIRED every 21 days.

An application will be applied. The cost is $17 + tax and must be applied in our office at time of check in.

Do you offer pick up or delivery service? 

No, at this time we do not offer a pick up or delivery service. 

Do my pets need to be spayed or neutered? 

  We do not require that a pet be spayed or neutered for boarding.  

Do you have group playtime?

No, we do not offer group playtime.

What kind of cooling system do you have? 

  We use 2 large Master Cool Evap coolers in each building to create a comfortable climate controlled environment for our guests.

Do you offer grooming?

Not at this time